LaSWAP Consortium - Remote support

"Having the ability to phone Joe for ad hoc support has proved invaluable to me over the past 6 months. Joe's thorough knowledge of the database structure and tables have made it possible for him to quickly investigate and identify data issues, particularly those arising during the complex processes carried out on results day. The ability for LaSWAP to contact Joe for support as and when required gives me the confidence to spend time out of the office at our other sites because I know that if issues arise anyone else can contact Joe and he will be able to help."

Robbie Dyer, Data Manager

LaSWAP is a large sixth form consortium of 1200 students split across four sites, supported by a Data Manager and a small admin team. I provide telephone and on-site support as and when needed, as well as working on specific development projects - such as integrating the ALPS targeting system into their assessment structure, and developing SQL queries to merge the results from the three different public exam centres within the consortium.

I use Teamviewer software which means I can connect to any user’s PC from wherever I happen to be at the time – securely, without any prior installation being required, and with access to the computer only lasting only as long as the session lasts. This can be very reassuring especially at the busiest parts of the school year.

Image of remote connection