London Academy - 'Traffic lights' in CMIS, ePortal and Excel

“We’d been using an amended version of the standard Serco assessment model, but were having trouble getting the traffic lighting to work and to get student targets into the system. We were also struggling to create an end of term report that we could send home to parents. Joe was able to import our targets from Excel, fine tune the colour coding to our particular requirements and create a really professional looking report that showed parents exactly how their son or daughter was performing in each subject. Plus he got the whole thing working with the Target tracking bitlet on ePortal.”

Paddy McGrath, Deputy Headteacher

The academy was using Facility and ePortal very effectively but had a lot of target data stored on Excel spreadsheets. Their existing Facility reports also needed revamping so that they communicated information to parents and the management team in a more efficient and more effective way.

Once the target data had been imported using SQL, one of key objectives was to create a single report template that could be generated for all year groups and at any point in the year. The academy wanted to use a traffic light system to compare a student’s current level or grade to their end of year target - weighted so that more leeway was given at the beginning of the year – so this was incorporated into the final design. The same colour coding was added to ePortal using customised grid designs, and also to the Excel spreadsheets that the management team use to gain an overall view of the results.