Sir John Cass - Student Tracking System

“Joe was able to replicate in CMIS everything we had in the old system. We had a tried and tested method of printing 'tracking booklets' for teachers each term, so students’ assessment information was always at their fingertips; Joe managed to transfer this to CMIS exactly and even improve on the design. Of course, now it is in CMIS all the results, teaching group information and so on are already there and don't have to be typed in. Calculating the targets can be done with a few mouse clicks.

Joe has improved our systems admirably. Having him in school has given our staff much more confidence in using CMIS when they were wary of it before.”

Jane Barnes, Deputy Headteacher

For some years the school had used a stand-alone Access database to track student progress and achievement. It produced some very effective reports and analyses which were integral to how students, teachers and management reviewed their performance. The downside was that vast amounts of admin time were spent keeping the database updated.

The solution was to replicate the functionality of the old database within Facility so that the assessment data could be collected via ePortal and automatically linked in with the student background and curriculum data already present in the system. Another important requirement was the ability to generate targets using the ALIS system which was achieved using a combination of lookup tables and prediction rules. Care was taken to ensure that all the reports were crisp and presentable, and that full documentation and user guides were provided so the school could move forward with confidence.

Tracking booklet image

The 'tracking booklet' displays students' progress against target in an accessible format