ALIS in Facility

Many Sixth Form schools use the ALIS system to generate targets for their students.
Integrating ALIS data into Facility allows you to analyse and display the data alongside the rest of the information you hold about students, and through familiar channels - ePortal grids and Facility reports.

The ALIS system uses a database of historic performance in the subjects and qualifications offered at Key Stage 5, and combines this with a student's GCSE points score to work out what grades they should be getting.

The school in this project was using this data to produce termly booklets which detailed students performance against their targets. While the booklets were successful in keeping performance against target at the top of the agenda, they were produced using a stand alone MS Access database and lots of labour intensive data entry.

The solution was to use Lookup tables to store the regression values - the index numbers for each subject that help determine the targets. Prediction rules were then used to calculate the targets and store them as an assessment within Facility.

The booklets can now be produced simply by generating the appropriate report in Facility:

But the bigger advantage of this kind of set-up is that the ALIS targets now sit alongside all the other student information in the school's MIS. This means they easily be added to a wide range of other reports, and be included on ePortal result entry templates: