Customised ePortal

Customising the visual appearance of your ePortal can make a real difference to how your users perceive both the software and the school.

Here is an example of how the ePortal screen design can be customised to suit your school's own design ethos. This is more than just adding your own logo; typefaces, colour schemes, background images and font sizes can all be altered. The basic functionality of ePortal is unaffected, as the changes are all made within the css file which only governs the visual display.

Admittedly, you'd probably go for something a bit less garish than this, but it goes to show how the judicious application of background images, colour schemes and transparency effects can dramatically alter how the ePortal looks.

Applying your own image to ePortal enables you to make it appear to be part of your school intranet rather than a separate site. This gives a more professional impression, and helps teachers feel at home when they are using it, especially if they are getting to grips with it for the first time.

If you have set your ePortal up for parental access, then customising the visual appearance allows you to use they same logos, typefaces and colour schemes that you use for the rest of your communications. You can convey your school's 'corporate image' whenever your stakeholders log in.