Timetable matrices

One of the trickiest aspects of maintaining the school timteable during the course of the year is ensuring that the teachers linked to teaching groups match the teachers linked to events. This is particularly relevant when dealing with shared groups. In Facility, each teacher must have their own version of the teaching group if assessment is to work properly, and the correct version must be linked to the right event if the timetable is to work properly. As teachers swap classes through the year it is quite easy for these two elements to get out of sync.

In theory, the Create / update teaching groups from events routine in the should take care of all this but most timetablers will have realised by now that this routine no longer works properly, and it is safer to do the job manually.

To assist in this process I have created three customised planning matrices which make it easy to drag the events into the right slots while highlighting where there are inconsistencies in the data.

Matching teaching groups and teachers

This grid shows teaching groups on the left axis and Teachers on the top axis, in each case summarised by subject.

You can use this matrix to resolve issues where the teacher in the teaching group is not the same as the teacher in the event itself. Where there is a discrepancy, the cell will appear in red – simply drag the event into the column for the correct teacher.

In order for a particular teacher to appear under a particular subject they need to be associated with that subject first.

Matching teaching groups and days

Here, teaching groups are shown in the left axis and days along the top axis.

This grid can be useful where you have a split group where one teacher teaches a teaching group on some days and a second teacher takes the class on another day. You can drag the event for a particular day into the correct row so it is associated with the correct instance of a teaching group.

Again, cells where there is a discrepancy between the teaching group teacher and the event teacher are shown in red.

Matching teaching groups and periods

If you have teaching groups that are taught more than one in a day you may find it easier to use this grid, as each individual period is shown rather than just one column per day.

In all these grids, events that are part of Limited Links have a green border, while those that are part of Blocks have a yellow border.

You can download these matrices below

To import them into Scheduler:
  • From the main menu, select Planning | Planning matrices | Edit matrix definitions
  • Click Advanced | Import
  • Browse to where you saved the downloaded matrix definition file
  • Click Open 
To import them into Facility:
  • From the main menu, select Timetable | Planning matrices | Edit matrix definitions
  • Click Advanced | Import
  • Browse to where you saved the downloaded matrix definition file
  • Click Open

Joe Cole,
11 Aug 2011, 10:12