CMIS report-writing

Custom reports that present the data in the way you want it, turning CMIS into a powerful tool for decision making and action.

Facility's reporting tool is incredibly powerful. The built-in reports will take you so far, but to really make the most of your system you need to have reports customised to fit your data and your school's unique requirements.

I have been writing Facility reports for the school environment for several years and can create reports to suit all circumstances: 

  • Assessment - Get into the detail of student, teaching group and year group performance in your internal assessments as well as external examinations
  • Attendance - Identify problems and trends before they start affecting your published figures
  • Events - Open up the potential of the Facility events module with reports that will present and compare that the data you collect on a day to day basis
  • Students - Bring all the data about your students into one place and present it in an attractive format for parents
  • Timetable and Curriculum - Analyse your curriculum plan and staffing allocation
  • Personnel - Keep track of workload and salary information

Example - Termly Report to Parents

This is an example of a termly report to parents where lots of different types of data are presented together.Lesson by lesson attendance percentages for each subject are shown side by side with the latest assessment grades, while the AS results from the previous summer (picked up from the Examinations module) are also displayed. The colour scheme and logo help convey the image of the school.

Example - Class group attendance statistics 


Here, weekly attendance information for classes in a year group is shown, allowing Heads of Year and Senior Management to make an instant appraisal of where and when problems with attendance are occuring.