Interim cover

Staff turnover, sickness and overwork can strike at the most inconvenient times. I can help get you through difficult periods either by covering for missing staff, helping replacements settle into their responsibilities or by taking on specific projects that your full-time staff do not have time to do.

I have several years experience in managing administrative teams and intimate knowledge of the school data cycle from the September SLASC through to the exam results analysis in August.

Interim support might take the following forms:  
  • Working on site for a week to cover the responsibilities of an absent member of staff at an important period in the school calendar
  • Working on site for a couple of days a week to ensure your Facility systems are kept up and running while you recruit a replacement for a member of staff who has left
  • Working off-site but guaranteeing availability at certain times of the week, using remote support too
  • Working on site at more extended intervals but for a longer period of time to boost support to your existing staff, perhaps once or twice a fortnight.