Video guides

Screen videos combine the permanency of written documentation with the immediacy of a training course. They can be the quickest way to learn specific software tasks as well as providing a reference that is quicker and easier to access than paper based materials.

Video guides use screen capture technology to record everything that appears on the screen while a particular task is being undertaken. Once voice overs and information bubbles are added, they can provide a great way of explaining how to do computer based tasks. The great advantage is that your users get a visual image of what they need to be doing, rather than having to undertake a mental translation from words to pictures. And unlike training courses, the material can be played and re-played, paused and re-winded.

I can produce video guides to your particular requirements - showing teachers how to use a particular aspect of ePortal, for example, or admin staff the stages they need to go through when completing a particular task.

The output can be produced as a standalone windows media file or even Adobe Flash format that can be embedded into your website or intranet.